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JPII, the Pope of Dialogue virtual exhibition


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100th anniversary of the birth of Karol Wojtyła known to the world as the Pope John Paul II. It is a special occasion to commemorate this outstanding figure, whose work dominated and influenced the history of the 20th century. Through his pilgrimages to over 120 countries and meeting global leaders, the faithful and representatives of other denominations, St John Paul II became known as the apostle of dialogue. He was a great religious leader who touched people’s hearts and never forgot his roots.

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John Paul II paid a pastoral visit to Singapore in November 1986.
His bronze statue on the grounds of The Cathedral of the Good Shepherd commemorates the 20th anniversary of the visit.

Celebrating the 100th birthday of Karol Wojtyła, Embassy of the Republic of Poland cooperating with Centre for the Thought of John Paul II have the privilege to present unique virtual exhibition: „The Pope of Freedom”. Visit online by clicking Virtual Exhibition!

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