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PolandSHIOK, for the fifth year, invites our guests to take a unique opportunity to experience Polish culinary traditions and try Polish food in Singapore. In close collaboration with local chefs and restaurants, and supported by the Polish food producers, during the 5th edition of our festival we came up with a special offer for you to discover or (re)discover that ‘Poland tastes good’!

During 5th edition of PolandSHIOK, you are warmly invited to try Polish traditional beef tripe soup ‘Flaki’ and cabbage rolls ‘Gołąbki’ or hunter’s stew ‘Bigos’ prepared by EATcetera chefs for Polish spring promotion (12-26 March 2021).

Later, between 10-23 May 2021, join us for Polish ayam, pork and eggs based menu specially crafted for PolandSHIOK guests by our culinary maestro and Executive Chef Hong Dingzhao for ‘From Polish Farm to Singaporean Table’ promotion at Xperience restaurant.

Use our culinary books “Polish Culinary Paths”, “Tastes of Poland”, “The Polish Table” and “Egg Cookbook”  available online and experiment with new recipes in your own kitchen.

Cook in your own kitchen with Chef Hong Polish egg salad, Bigos (Hunter’s stew), Chłodnik (beetroot gazpacho)  or Gołąbki (cabbage rolls)

Enjoy, play and discover that Poland tastes good!


Poland is the 7th largest food producer in Europe and the 14th globally. Approximately 30 to 40% of its food output is exported. With its massive potential in agricultural production and modern food processing industry, Poland is well positioned to become one of the new suppliers of foods to Singapore, helping the country to diversify its supply sources and serve local customers with the quality products guaranteed by the European food safety and security standards.

Developments of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 presented a major challenge to all stakeholders throughout entire food supply chain globally, from farms to supermarket shelves. Nonetheless, the unpreceded disruptions in global supply chains stressed – more than ever before – the importance of diversification of food sources and shortening of food supply channels as a part of national strategic interests and security. In this sense the crisis presented new opportunities for suppliers, who  – such as Poland – stood ready to deliver even in the most challenging circumstances.

As a result, food supplies from Poland to Singapore more than doubled in 2020. Over 100 containers with frozen fruits and vegetables (broccolis, spinach), eggs, meat (poultry) and seafood (salmon), reached Singapore within weeks and helped local importers to stock up daily necessities. As solidarity is a part of Poland’s DNA, the country stays committed to continue this good cooperation as a reliable partner and new supply source for the years to come.

Singaporean consumers are already familiar with apples, blueberries and eggs  from Poland, there is definitely much more to explore.


Among European countries, Poland is the biggest poultry supplier, third biggest pork producer and sixth biggest beef provider. The country is also a top third dairy products supplier in Europe. While Polish soils are not degraded with excessive use of chemicals, Poland is also ranked third among EU member states as regards the number of organic farming holdings.

The country is also the European leader in production of vegetables, mostly carrots, champignons and cabbage. It is the second biggest EU producer of cucumbers (20% of the EU harvest). In production of onions Poland takes the 3rd position in Europe and it is 6th largest producer of tomatoes. Fruit growing is a significant part of agricultural production in Poland. Poland is the largest grower of apples (1 in every 4 apples produced in the EU originates from Poland), sour cherries (30% of EU harvests comes from Poland), raspberries, currants and high bush blueberries. We are also second biggest European producer of strawberries, gooseberries and chokeberries.

Although the fisheries sector represents a minor part of the Polish economy, Polish seafood processing capacities grew up to one of the largest in Europe. It plays a major role in supplying European countries with processed fish products such as smoked fish, mainly salmon and trout, canned herring, mackerel, and sprat, and ready-to-eat fish products like salads and fish in marinades. Other products include fresh and frozen cod fillets, ready-to-prepare frozen fish fillets, freshwater and diadromous fish such as pike-perch, as well as fresh and frozen whole fish like trout and sprat or caviar. Poland is one of the major Norwegian salmon processing hubs in Europe and globally.

Sustainable farming

With rapidly growing global population and demand for food, food producers face a challenge of adjusting traditional food production methods to be in harmony with the natural environment. There is a growing number of food producers in Poland who already address the challenge – by implementing innovative production methods and/or concentrating all elements of the production process locally to minimize its impact on environment. This approach helps to save natural resources and keep the highest quality of the end products simultaneously with minimal environmental impact throughout the product supply chain

In terms of increasing awareness of customers around the globe, including Asia, on environmental and health issues, it is worth noting that Poland ranks third in Europe with respect to the number of organic farming holdings, certified for sustainable production. Natural tastes and premium quality of Polish products, assured by strict EU food safety standards, paired with high availability at an affordable price, are our strengths, appreciated by customers worldwide.