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Poland currently ranks 5th in the EU in the field of cosmetics production, just behind the leading and internationally recognized Italy, France or Germany.

The wide range of offered products, in line with the current global cosmetic trends, including those tailored to the special needs of customers, even in the most distant markets, undoubtedly attracts contractors from all over the world.

Important facts about the industry:

Have a look at the “Polish Cosmetic Sector Catalogue” to learn more:


Every second beauty product made in Poland is intended for export,

so what you can find in Singapore?

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YOPE – family and lifestyle brand with honest values, focused on the environment, consistent with the slow life philosophy. They create high-quality natural soaps, moisturizers, creams, bathing and hair care products, as well as natural and effective household products. All YOPE products are made with up to 99% natural and minimally processed ingredients. The brand features lively fragrances and beautiful graphics featuring cute animals to lift the mood and make daily tasks feel special.

YASUMI – high-quality specialistic skincare products dedicated to professional and home use. The company, established in 2005, works with the best cosmetic laboratories in France, Spain and Canada to develop recipes for effective, premium-quality cosmetics for face, body, massage and spa treatments.  

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BIELENDA NATURAL COSMETICS, one of the leading and most popular Polish cosmetic brands, has been creating cosmetics for face, body and hair care since 1990. Their portfolio also includes sun care products, products for pregnant women, children and a men’s line. From the beginning, it has been faithful to the idea of searching for the most effective and skin-friendly combination of the highest-quality natural ingredients with the achievements of advanced biotechnology.

ELFA-PHARM POLSKA, provides high-quality herbal and plant cosmetics that combine the latest achievements of cosmetology with the centuries-old tradition of herbal medicine, taking advantage of the timeless value of natural ingredients

DELIA COSMETICS, expert in eyebrow tint offers also a wide range of hair dyes made from herbal colour under the Cameleo brand, which was the first and continues to be the only hair dye in Poland to be tested and proven safe on sensitive skin.

VERONA COSMETICS sells 5 product categories: makeup, face and body care, hair coloring and care, fragrances, and disinfection. Their brands are Ingrid Cosmetics, Vollare Cosmetics, Skin Up, Vittorio Bellucci, Revia, Ryana and Revitanum.


Venus Beauty Branches – check here

OIO LAB connects traditional wisdom with scientific research to unlock the power of plants offering face oils with effective solutions to your skin’s needs, face gel serums designed to help hydrate the skin and to prepare, protect and repair the skin from solar and artificial blue light-induced damage, helping to minimize the main signs of digital and photo-aging and face lotions, perfect for all skin types, especially turning easily red and exposed to stress.


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Eveline Cosmetics – brand, present in over 70 countries around the world, covers a wide range of products with particular strengths in skin and body care, make-up, nail care and hair care categories.

BluxCosmetics – manufacturer of household cleaners, personal care cosmetics and car cleaning products for over 28 years now.

IRENA ERIS – all products are based on the company’s own, original formulations and are always subjected to tests conducted throughout all stages of their creation. Luxurious beauty products Dr Irena Eris have been created out of passion for beauty care. Groundbreaking formulas are designed based on own applications for patents, innovative technologies, or the best, often not easily accessible components and thanks to the synergy of activities of the group of experts from various fields, the beauty products distinguish themselves on the market for years.