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Top 5 reasons to discover Podkarpackie

Podkarpackie is an excellent choice for those who want to escape from the hustle and bustle to the bosom of wild nature, to the place where time slows down…

Read about 5 reasons to visit the region and enjoy a wonderful holiday there.


Podkarpackie is a place in Europe where real gems of wooden architecture are concentrated in a relatively small area.

The famous Wooden Architecture Route connects the most treasured wooden structures located in the provinces of southern Poland, and even beyond the country’s borders extending to Ukraine.

In the Podkarpackie province, the trail is 1,202 km (746 miles) long and includes over 130 unique structures: Catholic and Orthodox churches, open-air museums, small-town homes, manors, and palaces.


The most distinguishing features are the Museum of Folk Architecture in Sanok and 6 UNESCO World Heritage-listed structures: two historic churches in Blizne and Haczów and four Orthodox churches in Chotyniec, Radruż, Smolnik and Turzańsk, distinguished by their masterful workmanship and long histories.


There are almost 250 delicacies from Podkarpackie region on the list of Polish traditional products by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.

Podkarpackie is well known for its excellent cheeses, honey, meats and bread. The regional cuisine impresses with the simplicity and quality of products.

When traveling around the region, one must taste traditional cuisine: proziaki, fuczków, hreczanyków or dogwood, called the Subcarpathian olive.

The Podkarpackie Tastes Culinary Trail leads guests through taverns, taverns and inns with simple but delicious food from the Boyko or Lemko tradition, as well as restaurants at the highest level.


The Bieszczady Mountains, full of legends, have been attracting tourists from all over Poland for years.


Sweeping vistas of verdant valleys, rolling highland meadows and clusters of virgin woodland form the heart of the country’s Bieszczady National Park, which enjoys a UNESCO biosphere designation Covers more than 290 square kilometers.

Aside from the majestic mountain ridges of peaks like Szeroki Wierch and Mała Rawka, visitors here can spy out brown bears, wild wolf packs and even the endangered European bison.

Zubry Białowieski PN

Clean air, wild nature and unique climate create perfect conditions for rest and true relaxation.

The Bieszczady Mountains are also rich with cultural and ethnic monuments: old Orthodox churches, roadside chapels and remains of old villages.

Apart from Bieszczady, there are also other popular destinations nearby – captivating landscapes of the Low Beskid and the Eastern Roztocze.

Podkarpackie is a region where wild and inaccessible places, cavernous, reminiscent of real, primeval forests, can still be found.


Podkarpackie is a perfect place for horse tourism. There are endless spaces here, vast forests, varied topography and a dense network of equestrian centers and trails.

You can go on horseback for both a few hours’ ride and a multi-day rally. You can get to places that are difficult to reach by quad bike or off-road car, or even on foot.


There are over 1,100 miles of cycling routes with different levels of difficulty. 

The most famous is the Green Velo Eastern Bicycle Trail, 450 km long and running through entire Eastern Poland in Podkarpackie. It links three bike kingdoms: Roztocze, Carpathian Plateau and the Lower San Valley. It takes you through the magnificent landmarks, across hills, valleys, meadows and unending forests. There are picturesque wooden churches, ruins of castles, and aristocratic residences.

Photos by courtesy Urząd Marszałkowski Turystyki i Współpracy Gospodarczej Urząd Marszałkowski Województwa Podkarpackiego

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Article thanks to the courtesy of PODKARPACKIE – Urząd Marszałkowski Województwa Podkarpackiego, Departament Promocji, Turystyki i Współpracy Gospodarczej