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The World in 2300 Contest


  • 4 FEBRUARY 2022


  • Online

To celebrate the imaginative world of famous Polish science-fiction writer, futurologist and philosopher Stanisław Lem, the Embassy of Poland in Singapore, jointly with the Science Centre Singapore, organized “The World in 2300” social media contest.

The contest was a part of the promotion campaign of the “Lem’s Bestiary Illustrated by Mroz” exhibition opened at the Science Centre Singapore on February 9.

Participants, impersonating “today’s Lem,” presented their vision of our future world in 2300, in maximum 40 words.

The jury, which comprised H.E. Magdalena Bogdziewicz, Professor Lim Tit Meng, CE of the Science Center Board and a journalist, Ms. Clara Chong from Singapore Press Holdings Ltd., selected the best works from among nearly 30 submissions.

Congratulations to all the winners!

Happy to present to you their works below:


It is 2300. Neon blue courses through my veins, waking me up from my sleeping pod. I dreamt about 2022. They said 2300 will lead more convenient, worry-free lives. I look at the robots outside. Heh. Is that so?

Ms Isabelle Ho (@a_simp_called_izzy)

SECOND PLACE (3 entries same score)

Your sleeping pod awakens you as a reveille plays through the SoundTM module of your Five SensesTM Augmented Reality system. As your eyes sync with SightTM, you remember a dream you had of a world where reality was just reality.

Mr Knit Goh (pinkestkhit)

Lo’ and behold! The last untouched tree, the last untouched man, the last untouched soil! Oh but fret not for take a gander to the past with glasses light and non-existent! The past so retrievable; the future unexplored!

Mr Muhamad Iqbal Bin Mohd Amer (@blatique)

It’s 2300, there’s no more visible landmass on earth. All there is to see is truly a blue planet. Underwater colonies of human civilisation living in bubbles dotted the seabed, while a selected few live floating on the surface

Mr Theophilus Tan (@sir_clasher)

THIRD PLACE (4 entries same score)

The World in 2300, the earth is green and blue. Nature is thriving. Nothing is missing. What once were humans, are now virtual beings, living in the virtual world. (inspired by Chappie).

Ms Hui Juan (huijuan_n)

By 2300, we enter stories through our consciousness to escape the state our body has to live in.

Ms Julaila Binte Mohamed Latiff (@offlinekid)

In 2300, the world will be upside down. It will be ruled by children and all adults will live in tunnels deep underground. The sun will shine red and there will be a second moon, bigger, where the rulers reside.

Ms Priscilla Prokop – Chong (priscilla.prokop)

The gradual melting of the Thwaites Glacier has submerged many coastal countries as well as pave way for the resurgence of ancient, forgotten diseases (Bubonic plague, Anthrax). Humanity makes its preliminary attempt to burrow underground and harness the planet’s magnetism.

Mr Malcolm Seah (@malcomseah)

To learn more about “Lem’s Bestiary Illustrated by Mróz” exhibition check here