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Tastes of Podkarpackie

For foodies, Podkarpackie is a paradise. The regional cuisine based on natural products mixes the flavors of many borderland cultures – from old-nobility style delicacies once served in aristocratic mansions and palaces, to simple ethnic dishes of the Lemko, Bojko, Pogórzanie and Lasowiacy peoples and meals based on traditional recipes of Armenian, Tartar, Jewish, German and Ukrainian people who, for centuries, have been part of the history of this land.

The regional Podkarpackie cuisine based on natural products mixes the flavors of many borderland cultures.

Many of them have exotic names…

PROZIAKI a traditional type of flatbread, made of flour and sour milk with the addition of baking soda. They taste best with fresh country butter or sweet cream or cold milk.

Proziaki, fot. Diana Kowalczyk

HRECZANKI minced meat mixed with buckwheat groats, eggs and garlic, served with different sauces.

Hreczanyki, fot. Diana Kowalczyk

FUCZKI delicious pancakes made of soured cabbage.

Fuczki, fot. Diana Kowalczyk

 HAŁUSZKI – grated potato dumplings

Hałuszki, fot. Diana Kowalczyk

GOMÓŁKI cone-shaped pieces of dried cottage cheese, its taste and aroma depend on the added spices, cumin, paprika, mint, herbs and garlic.

Gomółki, fot. Diana Kowalczyk

PIEROGI LASKOWIACKIE dumplings with potatoes stuffing, sprinkled with greaves and bacon.

Pierogi lasowiackie, fot. Diana Kowalczyk

These are simple, cheap and filling dishes – the result of the local traditions, product availability at different times of the year and dominating form of farming in a given part of the Podkarpackie region.

Podkarpackie is also well-known for its delicious cheese, game, honey and vine.

Sery Podkarpackie, fot. Diana Kowalczyk
Dzik z sosem żurawinowym, fot. Diana Kowalczyk

Travel the Podkarpackie Tastes Culinary Trail.

It connects places serving many of the regional dishes.

Taste Podkarpackie!