Student visa

application process

  1. Secure placement at a Polish University or other tertiary education institution.
  2. Book an appointment for a type D visa application and access the application form through the e-konsulat system (remember to change language to English).
  3. Documents to bring to your appointment:
    1. visa application form filled via the e-konsulat system, printed and signed,
    2. two passport photos,
    3. passport,
    4. ID document to confirm legal residence in Singapore (for non-Singaporeans),
    5. acceptance letter from a Polish university indicating that the applicant has paid applicable tuition fees,
    6. healthcare insurance valid across the European Union for the amount not lower than  EUR 30,000,
    7. proof that you have enough means of subsistence – bank statements from the past 3 months,
    8. travel tickets,
    9. proof of accommodation,
    10. diplomas and certificates confirming the applicant’s education level.
  4. Fee of approx. SGD120 (subject to Euro exchange rates) will be charged in cash while submitting application
  5. Visa to be collected within 7 days.

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