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Seth Lui

Food & Beverage marketing consultant, awarded food journalist, founder and chief editor of one of the most famous culinary blogs in Singapore

Upon hearing of Poland, Vodka would be the first thing that comes to mind, but there is so much more too .I’ve had the pleasure of visiting Warsaw, Poland and have tasted first-hand what Polish food is.
The food reflects what the Polish people are about, with traditional recipes passed down through generations. Sharing many similarities with other Slavic countries, its cuisine is eclectic with Central European influences including Hungarian, French, German and Austrian. Proudly using local produce from the rich lands of Poland, dishes incorporate the best of what is grown such as apples, herbs and mushrooms appearing in many recipes.
Dining in Poland is always a huge feast, a signature of Polish hospitality. Rustic, yet constantly evolving, Polish food’s labourous cooking methods will ensure a pleasant surprise for all who have the chance to experience it.
It is my pleasure to invite you to try Polish cuisine for yourself!