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Jerzy Nowosielski


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In 2023 we celebrate the centenary of the birth of Jerzy Nowosielski, painter, Orthodox theologian, and thinker; one of the most outstanding Polish artists of the 20th century.

By decision of the Polish Sejm, 2023 was announced the Year of Jerzy Nowosielski.

Born to a Ukrainian Lemko father and a Polonised Austrian mother, Nowosielski was brought up in a blend of Polish and Ukrainian culture, and his art brings together both the heritage and pride of Poland and Ukraine.

Inspired by the Byzantine legacy he referred to it both in his religious and secular works. The atmosphere of ambiguity and mystery he borrowed from surrealism. Strong contours, flat forms and the rich symbolism of light and colour come from the icon paintings. Nowosielski’s powerful artistic vision, rooted in the avant-garde tradition, invokes the rich legacy of the Second Polish Republic as well as entire Mediterranean culture: antiquity, Egypt, Early Christian art from the times of the unity of the Church – monuments in Syria, Mesopotamia, Ethiopia, and Cappadocia.

Look how miscellaneous his works are:






and much more.

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