PolandSHIOK 2020 | polandshiok.sg

GIC: Poland Land of The Witcher, Cyberpunk and Many More


  • 21 November 2020
    5:30 PM - 10 PM SGT
    10:30 AM - 3 PM CET



Special session of GIC dedicated to Singaporean game developers, programmers, animators, indie studios provides excellent opportunities for gamedev professionals to establish new cooperation networks and benefit from the opportunities created by fast growth of the game industry in Poland.


17:30 – Developing immersive VR/AR serious games, Frank Guan
18:00 – Affordable Motion Capture for Games and Virtual Production, Rahul Nath
19:00 – I hate Localization and so should you, Benjamin Chua Yuan Wei
19:30 – Perfect Pitch, Alessandro Bovenzi
20:00 – How to pitch so that they believe you, Łukasz Hacura
21:00 – The Polish Game Industry, where are we, where will we be in 5 years, Jakub Marszałkowski
22:00 – Closing

Join us for this special event and meet interesting business partners from Poland and other destinations.

Talks to be delivered:

“Developing immersive VR/AR serious games”
by: Frank Guan, Singapore Institute of Technology/Faculty

Recently studies have proved the benefits of using immersive VR/AR serious games for applications in various domains, including healthcare, training, education, etc. In this talk, along with the sample projects that we have developed, I will share some of the experience on developing immersive VR/AR serious games. In-depth technical knowledge about VR/AR will be shared first to highlight the considerations when designing a serious game. Then I will share the experience towards successfully developing immersive VR/AR serious games, including steps, user-centric design, lessons learnt, etc.


“Affordable Motion Capture for Games and Virtual Production”
by: Rahul Nath, DigiPen Singapore/DigiPen Singapore

Affordable Motion Capture is now a thing and can be used in games, animations, training and simulation and virtual production workflows. In this talk, along with examples and a live demo, I will talks about the pros and cons of motion capture, the production pipeline needed : a) suit b) performance direction c) technical setup d) clean up and e) integrating it in a project along with many examples from games, simulations and cinematic experiences. The talk will also include tips on how to involve designers and programmers into the animation capture process and how to fasten the pipeline.


“I hate Localization and so should you. A (handy) guide to making Localization less painful.”
by: Benjamin Chua, Lead Programmer at Battlebrew Productions

Localization work is mind-numbing at best. But every professionally released game title will have to deal eventually with it. Slogging through spreadsheets of X lines of text in Y languages is easily automated but supporting each language that has its own special quirks in your game is another journey in itself. We will talk about the steps of implementing and testing various languages and fonts in Unity projects, from sourcing translations, picking a plugin or writing your own system, storing the data, customized fonts, and handling various language quirks for your project.


“Perfect Pitch”
by: Alessandro Bovenzi, All In! Games/All In! Games

In this talk we’ll go through the best practices and optimal information that developers should be presenting when pitching their projects to both publishers, business partners and platforms holders, while also looking at common mistakes and pitfalls. It’s a light presentation but it collects years of experience and tips in the developer / publisher relationship, helping you to make a great first impression.


“How to pitch so that they believe you”
by: Łukasz Hacura, Anshar Studios

IIn this speech, I will present in details an elevator pitch structure and pitch document structure, and the theory behind it with some solid examples from successful industry pitches and my own experience at Anshar Studios, where we pitch regularly to clients and publishers following the “Why, How, What” structure instead of the typical “What” approach. I will also present a modern structure of a publishing deal for video games, and what pitfalls to avoid when signing.


“The Polish Game Industry, where are we, where will we be in 5 years”
by: Jakub Marszałkowski, GIC / Indie Games Poland

One of the best 2020 jokes is how terribly wrong was everyone, who in 2015 answered the question “Where do you see yourself 5 years?”. Still, we are fearless, we will try to answer that regarding the Polish Game Industry. We have to start with the current state. We will discuss the date from “The Game Industry of Poland – report 2020”. But this will be only a base for discussing the future: challenges, possible achievements, menacing downfalls.