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Game jam @ HackYeah 2020


  • 27-29 November 2020

Game Jam @HackYeah is a three-day game development marathon dedicated to all graphic designers, testers, game developers and all visionaries of cyberspace. Cyberspace means a dialogue, exchange of thoughts and proactivity. GameJam consists of creating a game within 40 hours on a topic given with the start of the jam. To make it more interesting, there is a competition to choose the Game Jam theme – it means it will be held on the category chosen by you. Is it supposed to be no borders, or connect and share, or maybe solidarity? We are waiting for your votes! The most active commentators will receive prizes in the form of new Polish computers games!

About HackYeah:

A hackathon brings together experts from various languages of programming. The main aim of HackYeah! is to find the solutions and technological tools that will make people’s reality easier and better. During every edition, the event brings together all creative brains, who have the real will of action and change. Thanks to the invaluable skills and bright ideas of the attendees, HackYeah hackathons always result in practical and unconventional projects that achieve desired goals by using the newest technologies.

What tasks can you be ready for?

At the nearest edition of HackYeah! attendees will be looking for solutions in many different areas. There will be two kinds of categories, in which they can try themselves. Organizers reveal two open categories at HackYeah 2020:

  • 1. Zero Waste – where content support gives WWF Polska.

2. Health – where content support gives Rak’n’Roll.

Among the numerous Partner’s tasks, we can find:

  • BGK Application Information Center – powered by The Main Partner, Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego.
  • The platform for ESG applications – powered by The Main Partner, Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego.
  • Innovation@Amazon Competition | Alexa Skills Kit Partners – powered by Technology Partner, Amazon Development Center Poland.
  • Map of reported wild boar sightings – powered by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.
  • “Follow the river to reach the sea”: increased risk offers detector – powered by the Ministry of Finance.
  • “Treasury of the Taxpayer”: app for taxpayers – powered by the Ministry of Finance.
  • “Digital Tax”: text to digital data converter – powered by the Ministry of Finance.
  • Gaming I GameJam – powered by Industrial Development Agency JSC.

Check GameJam’s Facebook page.