Ambassador’s Message

It is my great pleasure to welcome you to the 6th edition of Poland SHIOK Festival.

It was six years ago that we launched the first edition of Polish Festival in Singapore. Poland SHIOK, originally aimed at showcasing Polish food, culinary traditions and culture, has transformed over years into an all-encompassing platform that presents Poland’s best – also in terms of creativity, technology or business opportunities. This year’s festival agenda continue to tap the power of digital though we are glad to offer many physical happenings such as film screenings and culinary promotions.


This year’s cultural program comprises a selection of contemporary Polish films ranging from drama to comedies, as well as on-site and online exhibitions.

Continuing PolandSHIOK traditions, we have secured the presence of culinary promotions, featuring Polish food in local restaurant.

Keep visiting the Poland SHIOK Festival website and follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay updated.



Ambassador of the Republic of Poland to Singapore