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“Dot in Space” Café Session by Science Centre Singapore


  • 17 March 2023


  • Science Centre Singapore
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It is in the framework of the Year of Nicolaus Copernicus, that we supported the organization of Café Session at the Science Centre Singapore.

This was the very first Café Session of a series that explore the intersection of culture, science and technology.

Held under the motto “Dot in Space”, the April’s meeting provided a platform to ponder on different perspectives on space with short presentations followed by questions and discussion.

We were happy to have Polish artist and astronomer, curator, and founder of the international art & science ensemble Instytut B61 among the speakers. Jan Świerkowski discussed how humans, with the help of art, can interact with scientific concepts that can’t be directly experienced through senses, either as small as atoms or as distant as black holes.

Talking about his projects, Jan shared with the attendees his experimental method of intersecting art and science based on cognitive metaphor theory and conceptual blending.

After the Q&A participants had an opportunity to experience first-hand Polish artist’s work “Stellar Entanglement” – a VR 360o film based on the immersive performance of “The Evolution of Stars”.

To learn more about Institut B61 check HERE