Webinar & B2B matching session with Polish food and beverage companies


Over 60 representatives of companies and institutions took part in the business webinar for companies in the agri-food sector, organized on September 3 this year by the The Agricultural Property Agency (KOWR) and the Singapore Manufacturing Federation (SMF) with the support of the Polish Embassy in Singapore. During the meeting 15 producers and distributors of Polish food presented their company and commercial offer to Singapore partners. Experts of local veterinary authorities presented formal requirements for market access for selected products, and specialists in the field of strategy building – key elements that Polish exporters of food products should take into account in the process of expansion on the Singapore market and in the region.

During over 120 individual meetings with representatives of 21 local trading companies, Polish producers and distributors had the opportunity to establish contacts and conduct business talks, as well as discuss the prospects of introducing the offered products to the market.

The webinar was an important business component of the 4th edition of the Polish festival PolandSHIOK in Singapore. At the same time, it was another step in strengthening the image of Poland as a new source of supply of food products for Singapore and supporting Polish agri-food producers in their expansion in this market and in the ASEAN region.

The event was another in a series of activities aimed at supporting market access for Polish food producers and exporters, after the July webinar for business organized in cooperation with KOWR, devoted to halal food matters, including the challenges and opportunities created by the dynamic development of this market segment in Singapore and the ASEAN region, as well as after the June PAIH webinar devoted to the general characteristics of the Singapore food market.

Due to the intensive promotion of the Polish agri-food offer in Singapore and the difficulties in supplying traditional suppliers due to the COVID19 pandemic, in the period from May to August this year over 150 containers of Polish food, including eggs, vegetables and frozen fruit, fish and poultry, entered the Singaporean market.