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5 amazing animals that you can see in Podkarpackie

Podkarpackie Province captivates not only by its picturesque landscapes and stunning views from mountain peaks and meadows but also by the richness of fauna and flora. The region is fond of many rare and protected species of animals, for which old trees, clean air and huge spaces are the perfect conditions for living.

The unique ecosystem of the Bieszczady Mountains, the vast forests of the Low Beskids, or the quiet refuges of Roztocze encourage natural expeditions combined with tracking animals or tagging birds.

1. Lynx

This is the third largest predator in Poland and the Podkarpackie is the largest habitat of the lynx in Poland. According to the estimates, there are over 200 cats living in the area, however, it is quite unlikely to meet them during forest hikes. Lynxes are loners. The average cat measures between 65 cm and 110 cm and weighs up to 30 kg. Lynxes are among the small group of larger cats that… purr. Lions, tigers and leopards don’t do it…

2. European Bison (Żubr)

Bison were brought to the Bieszczady Mountains in 1963 to restore their presence in the Carpathians. Currently, over 550 bison live in the Bieszczady Mountains. It is worth going to Muczne, where special covered viewing terraces have been prepared for visitors from where they can admire Polish bison in their natural environment

3. Bear

This is the largest predator that lives in Poland. He usually avoids the company of people, but sometimes he gets lost and wanders on the forest roads. Currently, in Podkarpacie, mainly in the Bieszczady Mountains, Beskid Niski and Pogórze Przemyskie, there are over 200 of these predators. They usually choose old fir trees with huge hollows as their lairs, and their delicacies are apples and pears from feral, old trees.

4. Pygmy Owl

One of the “ornithological rarities” of Podkarpacie is the pygmy owl – the smallest owl that can be found in Poland and Europe. Although it is only a dozen centimeters tall, it is an excellent observer and an extremely efficient hunter. It hunts both small rodents and other birds. Although they look like miniature owls, they are different from their larger cousins. They are active mainly during the day – they see very poorly at night. These cute birds are under strict protection.

5. Red Deer

It is difficult to imagine the Subcarpathian landscape without the dignified king of the forest. Red deer are found mainly in deciduous and forests mixed with rich undergrowth, where in addition to older stands, dense young stands may be found along with, meadows and bogs.

The deer are herbivorous and feed mainly on sprouts, leaves, bark, trees and shrub fruit, and in the winter, dried grass, moss, lichens, buds and young shoots of coniferous trees.

An exquisite ornament for these animals are the branched antlers of the males, which they shed every year and grow a new one in its place. Over 14 thousand deer live in the forests of Podkarpacie.

Thanks to the courtesy of PODKARPACKIE – Urząd Marszałkowski Województwa Podkarpackiego, Departament Promocji, Turystyki i Współpracy Gospodarczej