Seth Lui


Food & Beverage marketing consultant, awarded food journalist, founder and chief editor of one of the most famous culinary blogs in Singapore

Upon hearing of Poland, Vodka would be the first thing that comes to mind, but there is so much more too .I've had the pleasure of visiting Warsaw, Poland and have tasted first-hand what Polish food is.

The food reflects what the Polish people are about, with traditional recipes passed down through generations. Sharing many similarities with other Slavic countries, its cuisine is eclectic with Central European influences including Hungarian, French, German and Austrian. Proudly using local produce from the rich lands of Poland, dishes incorporate the best of what is grown such as apples, herbs and mushrooms appearing in many recipes.

Dining in Poland is always a huge feast, a signature of Polish hospitality. Rustic, yet constantly evolving, Polish food's labourous cooking methods will ensure a pleasant surprise for all who have the chance to experience it.

It is my pleasure to invite you to try Polish cuisine for yourself!

Wojciech Modest Amaro, the chef behind Atelier Amaro, the recipient of Poland's first Michelin star and author of best-selling “The Polish Cuisine of the 21st Century” and “The Nature of Polish cuisine”.

Poland's cuisine will be making its mark in the world in the next few years. There is already more and more talk about what the Polish cuisine is all about. Polish Food Festival in Singapore can be an unique opportunity for the food savvy locals to taste it.

With Poland’s first Michelin star gained by Atelier, Polish cuisine has joined the family of great cuisines around the world. Poland has a lot to offer as 30% of its territory is forested: a kingdom of mushroom, wild herbs, game, venison, berries and flowers. Biodiversity is Poland's culinary strength as Poland possesses a sea coastline, great lakes area and mountains - each filled with amazing ingredients .

I expect many more stars for Poland in the future. We can be one of the most influential and big cuisines in upcoming years. The day will come when people around the world will be saying: Let's have Polish tonight!

Wojciech Amaro


Piotr Kupiec


Piotr Kupiec, the General Manager for both Sofitel Singapore Sentosa Resort & Spa and SO Sofitel Singapore, established his professional experience in Mauritius and Sopot (Poland). His first foray into the hospitality industry began at Novotel Krakow Centrum as the F&B Director and succeeding to a Hotel Manager at SO Sofitel Mauritius, thereafter.

One of the most defining aspects of hospitality is to focus on delivering high quality food and services. This is why at Sofitel, our menu is thoroughly researched and curated seasonally, to ensure our guests continually enjoy unique and magnifique experience during their stay with us.

Since young, I grew up with very strong sentiment towards Polish cuisine which is traditionally rich and flavorful. Nowadays, I’m very much influenced by the light refreshing palates from Mediterranean and Asian cuisines. As Poland is a four seasons country, particularly during winter time, our body tend to burn much more calories than usual, hence, having meat dishes on dining table is by default. However, moving to Singapore has significantly change my lifestyle and eating habits – a well-balanced diet complemented with good varieties of options like fish, vegetable, seafood and lots of healthy fruits in one meal which essentially is very palatable for hot Polish summers and humid climate. This fusion of traditions and new trends prevail in the modern Polish cuisine, which I am very delighted to share them with my guests in Singapore during the Polish Food Festival. I am confident this exceptional culinary experience will give them the opportunity to discover new and delicious taste of Poland.