Best selection of Polish drinks

Where to get Polish drinks?

  • 1 Altitude
  • A.L.T. Cafe and Bar
  • Crossroad Cafe
  • So Sofitel @1927
  • Artemis Bar
  • The Providore

Must Try Polish cocktails

  • apple pie (zubrowka+apple juice)

Must Try Polish drinks

  • Lubelski Cider
  • Polanin beer
  • Belvedere vodka
  • Zubrowka bison grass vodka
  • Wyborowa vodka

“In the 20th century, there were three extraordinary inventions: cubism, blues and Polish vodka.”


Did you know that Poland, as a European “Apple Land”, can compete with the top world brands of apple cider? Our Cydr Lubelski, which is already available on shelves in Singapore, won the golden award at Singapore Beer Festival 2018. Our craft beer Polanin is also expanding fast in the local market. Not to mention the world leading Polish vodka! The Apple Pie cocktail based on Polish bison vodka Zubrowka and apple juice, is irresistible even for those, who are not fans of strong alcohols. If you have not tried it yet, you should shop for Zubrowka at RedMart.

For many years Polish vodka brands have established their strong position in bars across Singapore. This was possible only with strong commitment of the whole supply chain, including distributors, bars and retailers. During PolandSHIOK 2018 we awarded seven Ambassadors of Polish vodka in Singapore, with 1Altitude and MHD (Belvedere), CrossroadCafe and Pernod Ricard Singapore (Wyborowa), Fullerton Hotel and Sofitel leading the suit.

Ambassadors of Polish Vodka