Antonius Caviar is one of the best caviars in the world. It is a Polish brand which offers you the highest quality of real caviar extracted from sturgeon. It’s obtained and prepared with the use of traditional methods in sterile clean conditions. Sturgeons are kept and harvested in the pure environment in Eastern Europe. Antonius Caviar is registered under CITES certificate which provides it’s origin, quality and originality of our product. It is well-known all over the world as a best quality “black gold” and it gains appreciation among most demanding chefs and gourmets every day. Antonius Caviar brand can be a revelation for those who seek unique culinary experiences and luxury. And it’s now available in Singapore.

It is excellent caviar with unique and exceptional taste stemming from excellent conditions of sturgeon farming, crystal clear waters of Warmia region in Poland and maximum attention paid to the quality of the roe. Antonius Caviar has not only been producing caviar, but primarily, Antonius Caviar has been breeding sturgeons for almost 25 years. Therefore as one of the best and biggest producer of caviar in the world, it offers you delicacy in the highest quality. Within 35 minutes from pulling the fish out of the water, in the highest production standards, caviar is extracted, sorted by size classes, salted and packed in the tins with no pasteurization. Controlled storage environment from the same beginning keeps the freshness and allows customers from around the world to receive their orders in the best quality.