Fubelski Cider

Lubelski Cider

Cider is a light and refreshing alcoholic beverage.
Refreshing – because it is a great thirst quencher and light – because its alcohol content is low, meaning it doesn’t cause a feeling of heaviness and is a pleasant to drink.

Cider can be sparkling
When it has natural bubbles, like Cydr Lubelski, or when it is artificially carbonated. Cider can also be still.
Polish cider is 100% natural apple juice
That's because in Poland, cider can be produced only from healthy apples from Polish orchards.

Polish Cider contains at least 90% of apple juice (not concentrate!). Polish cider does not contain any artificial flavourings, sweeteners or carbon dioxide. Its whole taste is a result of Polish apples. Polish Cider is produced in accordance with all of the EU's strict quality regulations, but it is the Polish regulations that require a high content of apples. Foreign ciders are often artificially flavoured and generally contain much less fruit than Polish ciders.
Polish apples are less dry, which makes our cider special, natural, sweet-and-sour and extremely refreshing. The flavour of cider may vary from one year to the next, because it is produced from fresh apples, and no two apples taste exactly the same.

Know Good Food (Poznaj Dobrą Żywność)
Cydr Lubelski received the prestigious “Know Good Food” mark awarded by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.
“Know Good Food” is one of the most recognisable Polish quality marks that effectively helps consumers make informed purchasing choices and builds growth of confidence in food products. Being awarded the mark proves that Cydr Lubelski is a completely natural product that meets the highest quality standards, which was unanimously confirmed by independent experts.

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Lubelski Cider